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22 November

Lunch Time Comedian

We just went out for a rather large group family meal in a Hotel in Lexlip. Perfectly cooked, good presentantion. Lots of parking no problem.
We enjoyed the food, the deserts and then coffee time arrives.
The waiter approaches the table I note that the position of the cups and saucers seems a little off. I know this waiter he is good, we have had him a couple of times in the past, is pressure getting to him one is left to wonder. Then it comes to my coffee time, the spoon seems strange I can’t quite see what is wrong next thing I see the cup part from the saucer and turn upside down, something flows out, I jerk back in what was described as the fastest move anyone had seen me make for years. I look at the table, there is no spreading of brown coffee on the table cloth, instead lots of laughter, it was the petals of a few flowers. A round of applause from the 9 adults at the table, the kids had their colouring books at this stage they were happy.

A new cup appears with coffee in it, enjoyable. :-)