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21 November

Wednesday Woes

Should one pity the soccer ref from Sweden who had adjudicated the Ireland and France match, I guess for the last few days his ears are burning.  Maybe it is a good thing his day job is that of a fireman, perhaps his work mates may help him. The French are annoyed as they got though on a hand ball.  The Irish in spite of what their politicans and bankers achieved and took all that on the chin, allowed their pent up anger out on this  handball event!

The best reply to it has is a quote from Andy Smart “Thiery, go sit on the naughty step!”.
For those of you who shop a lot think bored shop assistant announcement, “Thiery Henry, to the naughty step, the naughty step, Thiery Henry!”

Some may even have said Thievery Henry.

The cause of the anger:

After thought, how uncomfortable would you be if you were TH today?