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01 January
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a very minor irc facebook joke

MenZa consider yourself blogged!

22 November

Tubes take you to a new level of strangeness!

On youtube many strange and sometimes wonderful things can be found. However in this case we have role reversal, almost perfect lipsync on two videos.

For example mashups, this is an execellent example of this kind of thing.

Silly stuff:

Rammstein … playing …
Bayern des samma mia

Then the revenge:

Haindling … playing …
Du Hast

Like that was ever going to happen in either case. :-)

If you are using a free software distribution, don’t install “Flash” use “gnash” or “clive” to access youtube!

22 November
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Improv Weekend

The weekend of the 28th and 29th of November me, myself and I will involved about eleven hours of improv in a workshop over two days.  So for those who don’t get the difference between improv and stand up, one form is solo, the other is groups and of theatre games. The games are very structured, however the imporovisation occurs when the audience puts in a non specific location, emotion, or character into the game.

One theme for games is that of interviewing, where there are a panel of experts or several people behaving as one expert.  Another theme is the “guessing game”.  It could be an event where something happens, perhaps a party, at the party people arrive there is a backstory that the guests all know each other, however the host has to guess what roles the players have in real life. Of course it could be that one of the players is given an attribute that they can’t be told directly but have to be hinted at.  In these cases variations on these things can and do happen.

The games rely on ideas generated by the audience, if you go to one of these shows have an idea in your head for household objects from each room, none geographic locations, a bus stop for instance, as opposed to a bus stop on O’Connell St.  The one word I have heard more than any other at improv gigs and in workshops when asked for a household object is a “spatula”.

It is highly addictive to watch, and to participate in.

21 November
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Characters and their Players

Make strong choices, the first one you get. You really don’t have time to debate this grab the first one you find.

You are told you are to be a scared little child. Think of a timid animal, use that to inform the person you will be.

Grab an animals nervous behaviour and use it to become one part of the child.

Play the part of the child, let your voice get a higher pitch, and go for it.

Follow the emotion as I was told.

21 November
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The Craic Pack Improv in the Bankers!

Improv – accept the offer.

The Craic Pack Improv troupe with a game of 185 on youtube.

They do blogs and a spreadable food item. Humourous.