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29 November
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Dancing between the reel and the very real

Just finished a meal with a group from the improv weekend. Tired, full, blended with into a state that “serious play” for a weekend will induce. Frankly people the world needs more.
Two days all sorts of games playing with all sorts of things. Games specifically designed to increase, trust, focus, theme, plot building, emotion use, lots of story building, object use in mime, group think, then games to use more and more of these abilities.
Some of the games that only make sense within the context of a workshop, some that are for use on a stage, so some of the day we get to be part of an audience.
When someone can turn it on a sixpence moving the play in a direction not expected the scene lights up and so to do the players.

There is a word for thinks like this, it gets abused, over used, in this case it is warranted.
If you were one of the people there – I grant you a round of applause with some whoops thrown in I found it wandering aimlessly around as I walked back though Stoneybatter (no burger). Yez were bleedin great!