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27 November
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Workshop for the craic

Saturday and Sunday in the presence of a lot of people I know doing two days of workshops of improv.
Semi acting, doing exactly what comes into your brain next, wiring for fun!
Living in the now, rather good stuff if you like that kind of thing.

Warm up, and rock.
To do this a light breakfast and a minimum lunch.
5.5 hours of work per day for two days, all based on moving human forms with some review.
Should be intense, should be good.

My personal warm up Blondie Atomic 98 Tall Paul Remix, and Faithless Insomnia – works for me.
Truth in Comedy, by Del Close et al is the bible.
There is a lot to this, and practice makes for good work.

So far I have learnt, that the secrets are learn the games, learn to focus, learn the structure.

Here be magic!