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11 March
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Distributed Social Networking

Thoughts around this stuff have been circulating recently.

The chief technical difficulty seems to be in (A) getting on without having a command and control gateway (B) turning off your machine leaving town and finding your way back onto the network again.

Some thoughts on “learning” some reliable nodes without flattening them, i.e. weighting them so that they don’t get ddosed  as they hand on network information.

There are several fine points that need to be balanced so that no node gets taken out because it is up 24/7.


The challenges and this is just a partial list include.

Finding the network the first time.

Finding the network if you disconnect.

Hosting your own information.

Caching your friends.

Having an acceptable authorisation system so that you can with a great degree of certainty be sure that if the message or screen you see says it was written by a user called “VUser1″, and you happen to know them in real life, you can be certain that person is the account (unless they gave their password to their brother).

Having a network caching system that allows you find the people important to you, and them you.

All this with the real knowledge that people can only keep about 200 others in their heads as people they know.

The lack of a central C&C suite or site makes it almost impossible to take something like this down, it is like a network within a set of networks.

It seems to me that we have encryption, p2p, directory services.

It was a good Thursday!

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