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06 December
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Snow falls again

I was over in Rathfarnham meeting a pal in a pub (yes, just in case you had to ask I had tea). As I left my house the roads were mostly clear and 1°C. However there were a few flurries of snow.

On the way back the roads apart from the motorway were mostly white again. Didn’t notice it being too slippy, however yet again I did get to meet someone going to fast on the N4 and I merging from the M50 south on a piece of road that was very white.

It never ceases to amaze me that people miss the 60kph notice on the N4 east before the M50 interchange, and so it is more observed in the breach then in the following of the rule. I would love to see a few speed cameras placed on that part of the road.

It would be great if the rules of the road were on a sign for those in the right hand lane: Yield Right Of Way. (We drive on the left, remember. ;-) )

Anyway I have ranted enough. Time to read KSR’s Green Mars.

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