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05 December
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chdk canon

First, I am not a camera geek, I have one for fun.

Niall Walsh pointed this out to me Monday last.


It gives the user almost as many functions as you would find on a DSLR on a compact.

This is a great utility, it adds all sorts of functionality to the camera, it does this by providing a firmware update, it doesn’t update the firmware it just pretends to.

It increases your canon’s ability a lot. I enjoyed messing around with it for the last few days.

Lots of scripts for it.

The motion detection one is the one I tried, works well, but the mother nature was not so kind I did not have lightening when I worked out how to use it.

Now to try and find one for my Nikon D70.

Two comments I got from people:

1) hardly surprising when you can load FLOSS firmware on lots of devices.

2) been around for a long time for all sorts of cameras

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