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05 December
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Open Street Map – or how I learned to stop worrying and love the map

The ability to find your way about from place to place is a useful thing.Usually we rely on local knowledge unless we are out of our immediate local environoment, then we rely on signs, signposts and other items. By these means we tend to extend our local environment.

However there comes a time when you travel so much more than your local area that you have travel far. Then you rely on maps.

openstreetmap.org provides a great community driven map. Driven by a community who know how to find information that is elusive. How to find the name of a street that has no street signs on it, and for copyright reasons you can’t just copy some map you bought in the local retailers. All these and other information gaps can be filled in. What kind of granularity do you want, insert it into the map using its conventions, which are many but well thought though.

Then you get to see things like this: http://osm.org/ A cafe near my home.

What else could be mapped: http://osm.org Oh look a postbox! If it has a physical representation it could end up mapped.

Given my history I was very interested in the licence changes in this project.

I had them looked at by someone I know after the event when I changed mine they seemed kind of happy enough with the changes.

There is a change proposed for the licences for OSM and I think the change is good.
These links are for the the stats of people who are signed up to the new version of the licence, in Ireland, and Great Britain
as it is you could track progress over time, it is nice to see that most people see it as freeing up the map.

Happy mapping.

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