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30 May
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BSA in Czech Republic need to be pointed at

The Czech Republic Ministry of Finance And the BSA came up with this brilliant idea (ok that is a scarcastic comment):


No tax relief on hardware bought without software on it. I don’t know about you but I try to buy “white boxes” as they used to be called, that is hardware built to my spec with no software on it, why because I use GNU/Linux.

Why, not just as a hobby, where I work we save in excess of a hundred thousand euros because we can, by not paying Microsoft for their software and using as a viable alternative GNU/Linux.

Where I am it is not an IT or Web company, it is a service company with people doing administrative work and one IT person, me. We manage lots and do almost all of it with GNU/Linux, it really is that simple. Why do we have any Microsoft software at all? Because some external suppliers require it, because they are not neutral in the way they build web sites, yuk.

However they are few and far between. At least we have some competitive advantage in that we can claim these expenses. I hope the person who made that decision in the Czech republic ends up understanding what they are doing to their own economy, piping money out for no internal gain, great trick if you can do it.

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