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30 April
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(updated) What the ACTA does for you.

I offered to write up some details on the ACTA: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

However I find that the case is well written on the EFF web site.

A little web search that says “What does the ACTA do” will turn up a raft of useful short links.

It attacks the Internet and Free Libre Open Source Software, fail to act, watch your future retract!

It closes the society you live in for the benefit of the “Entertainment Industry”, who are at the table for this international meeting which is out to criminalise what are called IP infringements.

IP is really three separate things, Trade Mark, Copyright and Patents.

As they have different names why deal with them within the same space?

Why negotiate such document in secret?

What other agendas are being played to?

To read this document:


Remember this is one spin, the other is that this is an attempt to close up your society, turn off the internet as you know it, stop Free Software (that is free as in freedom to use for any purpose as opposed to copyrighted and shared for no cost).

If that happens prepare to see less choice, less diversity and less opportunity to tinker.

Write to your politicians, send them two letters one Original to HQ  of Seat of office with copy to local party office and tell them both where the original went and copy went. Be amazed. Politicians are people to, and you can always suggest that pirate party is going to get the votes you talk about. Be a person of influence.

Have fun!

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