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24 March
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Is this Joke of the day.

An Irish Solution To An Irish Problem.

Sequence of events:

Ahern’s blasphemy law.

In August we get to vote out the reference to blasphemy in a referendum.

(Yes it is written as intended.)

The Ahern enacted a law based on the 1937 Irish constitution.

I found the one liner in the constitution which said that blasphemy “is an offence which should be punishable in accordance with law”, ehh minister the law could say that the punishment is to pay 1 euro to some charity.

It could have been that simple.

No imagination there minister.

I was considering requesting the minister go to an art class but I decided not to.  My reasoning was it might be bad for the art students to let such an intellect into their presence. ;-)

Yes it does annoy me. Next!

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