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06 December
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Automaton Annihilate’s Ambience On Planet Earth

Mostly humans are slightly more complex than the pigeon holes that other humans would wish to ascribe them to.

Six billion plus people all trying to live by a set of rules to feed themselves and grow within the space given.

Lots of misunderstanding, lots of hunger, lots of mistakes and we still keep going on.

Are we blind to what Easter Island is a tribute to, is the micro economic situation of Ireland a view of how cracked the existing world system is?

It looks like a huge pyramid scheme where change dictates that we never run out of players, well that was until recently.

In the dot com collapse we saw companies which had notional worth crashing like paper tigers.

In the current scheme of things we might just notice that Ireland ran out of the resource that made the problem increase hugely. It tried to have too much of the premium product and nothing to support its consumption, in Ireland that premium product is development.

When all is said and done there is now an excess of apartments, debt to pay for their construction, and debt on the back of what their sales potential is. Hardly a recipe for success, less like living on borrowed time, and more like lived on borrowed money.

This extension needs to go away so ordinary people can do whatever it is they do, to allow those who provide them with goods and services participate within society. Having consumed way beyond it’s societal needs Ireland now needs to step back and wonder how to make ends meet, it can’t continue as is.

The credit crunch is hurting, when something we don’t actually eat but use as a reference point disappears because there is not enough of it to go around. One is left to wonder what this says about our society.

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