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03 August
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Tuesday’s thought for the day

Open Streetmap (OSM) whose web site is unsurprisingly  http://www.openstreetmap.org is a user generated site, you too can contribute. I live in Dublin, Ireland and one of my pal’s is a prolific cartographer on OSM. This got me thinking, here are people all around the world doing things in a common way by mutual agreement for a common objective. It is a bit like Free Software projects in general.

I am going to suggest that the data gathered by the Irish Government belongs to the Irish People it should be made available (within the parameters of the law) so that people in this country can exploit it in business or for other purposes that may help the Irish Economy grow. An obvious example is the OSI which is a government based monopoly which appears to generate cash, it would be nice to see what parts of it are really cash generating, and not just public monies being moved like wooden dollars. Wooden dollars are money you never get but appears on your bottom line as though you earned it, for instance recharging things within a company, a division could look very profitable but when you take away the “super charge” they are raising against other departments they could be found to be just providing a necessary service and charging a lot for it.

Lets think medical for a moment, imagine if no matter where you walked into a surgery or hospital in your country the doctor that sees you can see your history, perhaps they have to have an id card or code to get that information made available to them, or have an emergency procedure to access it if you turn up unable to help them to help you. That kind of information flow would hugely facilitate the level of important data that a patient may forget due to the stress or trauma they are undergoing.

What blocks this kind of thing?

Incompatible systems all claiming to help the data owner in each location manage their data but preventing the information help the public for whom all the services should be working to help.

Lets look at academia, the person who writes a paper and submits it to a peer review journal gets lauded for their important paper which then goes on to be quoted by others in the field. That looks great, however here is the cost to society, society paid for the research, it got owned by some publication which then places constraints on the author and their organisation as the originating body has to pay a high price for the peer reviewed journal.

The thoughts that follow on from this is that these things seem to be to be overly complex expensive costs to society, society has already paid to gather this data, it should be released for a nominal fee, the work is done, the payment for that work has already been made, society can benefit from the labours of those it has employed then it should there is a thing called innovation, but if you make the cost of entry too high people can’t innovate. Innovation is small incremental improvements on what went before.

Before I start delivering a full blown lecture I will stop here. ;-)

20 July
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Scribd attacked by copyright for copyright filter

At this link:


we find a story about http://www/scribd.com a publishing site being attacked for not defending copyright because it tried to. The world gets funnier.

30 April
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(updated) What the ACTA does for you.

I offered to write up some details on the ACTA: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

However I find that the case is well written on the EFF web site.

A little web search that says “What does the ACTA do” will turn up a raft of useful short links.

It attacks the Internet and Free Libre Open Source Software, fail to act, watch your future retract!

It closes the society you live in for the benefit of the “Entertainment Industry”, who are at the table for this international meeting which is out to criminalise what are called IP infringements.

IP is really three separate things, Trade Mark, Copyright and Patents.

As they have different names why deal with them within the same space?

Why negotiate such document in secret?

What other agendas are being played to?

To read this document:


Remember this is one spin, the other is that this is an attempt to close up your society, turn off the internet as you know it, stop Free Software (that is free as in freedom to use for any purpose as opposed to copyrighted and shared for no cost).

If that happens prepare to see less choice, less diversity and less opportunity to tinker.

Write to your politicians, send them two letters one Original to HQ  of Seat of office with copy to local party office and tell them both where the original went and copy went. Be amazed. Politicians are people to, and you can always suggest that pirate party is going to get the votes you talk about. Be a person of influence.

Have fun!

25 November
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Death of News

Most reporting seems to be nothing more these days than the arguing the rubbish on the edge of the issue by replaying the press releases of both sides (assuming there is a protagonist and an antagonist).  Me, I may have fled from the rubbish that is portrayed as news, mostly because it seems to be voyeuristic, and at the same time very bad replay of the Monty Python “argument sketch”, which at least had a point.

We are awash in a sea of information which without informed filtering is just white noise. There appears to be something there but it is just random.

Perhaps I may hear defenders of the press saying the abuse of children within society by the clerical and political system over the past forty or fifty years was good journalism. I say this is incorrect, why you should ask,  my answer is had there been real reporting it would have been picked up years ago and we would have seen the death of that rotten apple a long time ago.

It is time for people to report what they seen when they see it. Organise it and make it the news. Absorbing the crack cocaine of zlist celebs in a jungle or funny hair styles when it should be music must seem to be wrong to at least one person?

My view of what is right.

Status should not buy you airtime.

News is for reporting, it should not be all opinon or press releases.

When a subject is raised it is not the only job of a journalist to argue the toss which it seems is to easy to do.

Do something more creative or is that too hard?

Get the information for side (A), get the information for side (B), allow the listener to work out the balance for themselves.

Is this too simplistic?  Arguing with people is just a pointless waste of my time, you appear talentless if you get to be on my radio.  We have names for people like that online, Trolls!

Society needs a see change and if you want to be the person of record great, but if you want to be idiot who feels they should just present a negative to every proposed thought then I have a way to vote. The off button!

I must rant about self made media some day! ;-)