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25 November
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Death of News

Most reporting seems to be nothing more these days than the arguing the rubbish on the edge of the issue by replaying the press releases of both sides (assuming there is a protagonist and an antagonist).  Me, I may have fled from the rubbish that is portrayed as news, mostly because it seems to be voyeuristic, and at the same time very bad replay of the Monty Python “argument sketch”, which at least had a point.

We are awash in a sea of information which without informed filtering is just white noise. There appears to be something there but it is just random.

Perhaps I may hear defenders of the press saying the abuse of children within society by the clerical and political system over the past forty or fifty years was good journalism. I say this is incorrect, why you should ask,  my answer is had there been real reporting it would have been picked up years ago and we would have seen the death of that rotten apple a long time ago.

It is time for people to report what they seen when they see it. Organise it and make it the news. Absorbing the crack cocaine of zlist celebs in a jungle or funny hair styles when it should be music must seem to be wrong to at least one person?

My view of what is right.

Status should not buy you airtime.

News is for reporting, it should not be all opinon or press releases.

When a subject is raised it is not the only job of a journalist to argue the toss which it seems is to easy to do.

Do something more creative or is that too hard?

Get the information for side (A), get the information for side (B), allow the listener to work out the balance for themselves.

Is this too simplistic?  Arguing with people is just a pointless waste of my time, you appear talentless if you get to be on my radio.  We have names for people like that online, Trolls!

Society needs a see change and if you want to be the person of record great, but if you want to be idiot who feels they should just present a negative to every proposed thought then I have a way to vote. The off button!

I must rant about self made media some day! ;-)

23 November
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Just A Minute, I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, or was that a News Quiz

I’m sorry I haven’t a clue, the BBC Radio comedy show which is currently hosted by Jack Dee. Mr Dee has big shoes to step into, those left behind by the late great Humphrey Littleton, whose timing was impeccable. I don’t think I ever heard him time a joke badly. Perhaps it was the jazz musician within him that allowed him to tap into the tempo of the show and deliver devastating punch lines over the years. It is great to see people expand beyond their usual niche market, this is exactly what Jack Dee is doing delivering as host on this show. The show with Jack Dee at the helm has worked. One may not ask for more.

The lament in the title of this piece comes from my personal regret that the News Quiz has finished for another season. Again BBC Radio 4 gives the world brilliant entertainment with Sandi Toksvig’s wit poking fun as required. Yet again the BBC have managed to have a great team backing the shows host. These people would brighten midnight at the north pole on December 21st! It is truely a great show.

Add these two shows to Just A Minute and you get some to see a brilliant pattern of terrific comedy. We still have the unique Paul Merton to play a foil to the works of Nicholas Parsons it is all good stuff. Sadly this year saw the demise of the brilliant Clement Freud one of the heros of the show who is sadly missed. Easy to identify with his unique voice and pacing, Clement Freud provided many years of entertainment for those who listened.

There have been many great comics of various genders in these shows over the years, for their efforts I can but offer a standing ovation!

In improv there is a saying that it is all about you and your partner. The players in the show may appear to play against each other but really they are partners with the hosts and audience. The real play is a team and the spectators do get to enjoy it.

It is my belief that there is not enough good solid comedy on radio. Then again maybe I am spoilt.