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05 April
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Went back to improv classes for the first time in a long time last night. Great craic.

It is a little like riding a bike, you remember when you get back to it how it went.

Enjoyed it!


21 July
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Recent Reading

Pascal Mercier’s Night Train To Lisbon, this book is brilliant. The plot is simple, it is a lecturer whose boring life gets turned upside just after the book starts. Where it ends, that is up to your imagination, in between there is a journey, a most interesting journey as the protagonist delves into the life of a man who was in the Portuguese resistance back when that kind of thing mattered, as he gets to know this man, he meets new people, ideas, challenges to his thinking.Warning, I found it hard to read, however the style is required to tell the story the way it was told. Well worth spending time with.

Hugo Hamilton’s book The Speckled People, is the early life story of children of an Irish father and German Mother in Ireland in the fifties and sixties. Told though the perspective eyes of one of their children, a consistent in age is used as the viewing point. That view does not change, but the people become older, life becomes more complicated as it usually does. Really easy to read, well written, most enjoyable.

Lastly Bill Oddie’s autobiography, One flew into the the cookoo’s egg. Bill tells the stories of growing up, becoming famous, getting older, having what is often incorrectly referred to as “a nervous breakdown”, dealing with the aftermath of recovery, he even manages to interview himself and manages not to get too caught up in a dream as a result. All in all I really liked it.

23 May
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Saturday’s Game Play

As humans we play as small children, and get interrupted by work, and play becomes something we do in our spare time.

As John Dawson pointed out Saturday during a session with actor Andy Crook, as we grow older we reverse the proportion of work to play, unless you do some very rare jobs. Anyway I attended this http://www.actortrainingireland.ie/actor-training/workshops and although I am anything other than an actor or dancer (way too big for the latter and not enough training for the former), the “Playpen” which was in Studio 54 was great craic. It appealed to performers from various discipline’s, allowing them to explore some play and movement based works in a way that was very enjoyable.

Play is vital to your humanity, and these guys got people back into the habit of doing things that were fun in a “safe” environment, without judgement. The battle cry of the day is “THERE IS NO WRONG” just other places to go or start from.

Lots of exercise, focusing on being flexible in both the physical and mental capacities. From what I saw everyone there enjoyed it.

Step one on the road back to practicing a bit of improv, need to get some things out of the way, I guess I’d be up this kind of thing on a semi regular basis en route.

This video by Dr Stuart Brown in the TED Video archive may enlighten you with regard to why you too should look at relearning to play.